The candies we found in our Halloween bag in the 90s

Halloween is approaching, and it's almost time to eat candy. We decided to offer you a little compilation of the candies that we found in our Halloweeen bags in the 90s. Who does not remember the famous Tire Ste-Catherine in its yellow packaging, the Ring Pop rings that left our sticky fingers or Rocket candy that you liked or didn't like at all.

Candy Tire Ste-Catherine

The famous Popeye cigarettes

Hubba Bubba Roller Eraser

Little Nerds Candy

The Fun Dip

The kind of push pop candy lipstick

Tootsie roll

The Ring Pop ring

Candy necklace

Double Lollies lollipops

The famous Rockets candies

Soap gum, we like it or not at all

The Bazooka eraser with a little cartoon

Big League Chew eraser

Pop Rocks Mouth Sweets

The Punkys

The powder in plastic fruit

The small bag with the Gold Rocks gold nuggets

The Lifesavers

The Fizz