Dave Leduc insults Étienne Boulay and he responds with aplomb

The world champion of lethwei, Dave Leduc, had a lot to say to Etienne Boulay concerning its publicity on health measures made by the Government of Quebec. If you haven't seen the ad, you can watch it here: Étienne Boulay invites you not to let go. Dave Leduc, who was also recently seen in a audiovisual media pissing on the Journal de Montreal, wrote on Twitter to Étienne: " @ etienneboulay22 hey sold it, i just saw your ad. I hope you are proud to accept public funds for a political masquerade that hurts the world so much and not because of the virus. Congratulations, you are officially muzzled and your biased option is out of order. ».

Étienne Boulay immediately reacted in 4 tweets: