Vachon cakes have just launched their clothing line

Cakes Vachon have just launched their clothing line. We find a Joe Louis cap, a pink Billot hat, an Ah Caramel! Mask, a fanny pack… If you're a fan of these cakes, this collection is really the dream. The only problem is that the only way to get these clothes, you have to participate in a contest (I would have liked that they sold them individually). You just have to form the best duo of Vachon cakes to get your hands on the ultimate set of the true Vachon fan. To participate and win one of the 30 boxes, it's this way.

We can read on their site: "FAN VACHON Do you dream of Vachon a little, a lot, madly? It is reciprocal. The 30 winners of the best Vachon duo will get their hands on the jackpot: the real Vachon fan's box set. Prepare your closet and pantry, because it's big. Very big.»

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Some perfect combinations for the competition: