Chef Bob le Chef launches his Boute-en-train range of wines

The cooker Bob the Chef has just launched the range of wines Bottle-in-train available everywhere (IGA, Maxi, Metro, Couche-Tard…). It is the perfect wine to accompany one of his recipes. You will find three kinds of Boute-en-train: Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain, Pinot noir from France and Chardonnay from Italy. We can read on Facebook announcing this news: " I let the information "flow" a few times in the last few weeks, but now it's true, I'm officially announcing: the Boute-en-train wine is arriving in grocery stores this week !!! You can now find my selection of beautiful, good, cheap & easy-to-drink wines on the shelves of your local dep 'or your favorite supermarket!».

Last Saturday, he gave a little clue on his Facebook page of this big announcement