Infoman makes a real success with his sketch about people who don't want to know anything about the mask

The teaminformant is always at the top to find the best concepts to entertain us and make us laugh. In the chronicle of the excellent Chantal Lamarre, we can see several videos on the web where people complain about wearing masks. This is where the concept is hilarious, Chantal decided to invite several actors and actresses to do a lipsync battle. The segment has become extremely popular on the web!

You will be able to see:

Daniel Parent as one of the Tadros brothers

Guylaine Tremblay in the role of the lady who wants to go to the bathroom

Michel Laperrière in the role I did my research check

Anne-Marie Cadieux in the role of the waitress who is sickened by the mask

To see the capsule, it's through here: