He hangs on a highway billboard to have an interview with Paul Arcand

Comedian Billy Karaoke has been talking about him a lot in recent weeks. It was he who organized a demonstration to save Karaoke last September 6. He was also chained for a good part of the day in front of the VAT offices to move on to Denis levesque. You could say that he is really ready to do anything to make himself heard, and his most recent video shows it. Billy attached himself to a billboard to do karaoke and make his cause heard. He would like to have an interview with Paul Arcand.

Billy Karaoke's message:

By publishing this video, he gives us news on the next steps with Denis Lévesque and his new challenge: “As I still have not heard back for an interview with Denis Lévesque, I decided once again to protest for the survival of karaoke in Quebec by going to hang on a commercial highway sign! I chose a Paul Arcand sign because I know HIM would not be afraid to interview me!… Long live free karaoke!»

He is linked in front of the TVA offices to pass to Denis Lévesque