Marc Labrèche makes a hilarious parody of François Legault's press briefings

Marc Labreche always does, but still does some hilarious skits as part of the show This year at Télé-Québec. This time, he decided to tease the famous press briefings on COVID-19. For the occasion, he personifies the premier of Quebec Francois Legault, the national director of public health Dr Horacio Arruda and the former Minister of Health and Social Services Danielle McCann. From the start it starts with a bang when François has all the misery of riding to remove his mask and does not cough in his elbow. The replica of the capsule is undoubtedly when Frank / Franky says: "In caucus, we say that Danielle is our little ray of sunshine.". What more to say about his imitation of Dr Arruda: the intensity in his eyes, the nervousness in his gestures and the way he gives instructions. It's big 10 out of 10, the sequel to the parody on the show This year next Saturday.

Francois Legault

Dr Horacio

Danielle McCann