Chef Martin Juneau is sick of the work in Montreal

The famous chef Martin Juneau is furious with the administration of Valérie Plante. He does not hide it on his social networks and in his radio interviews to express his point of view. The restaurant owner pastaga et Dry Ass in the Rosemont / Petite-Patrie borough wrote on Facebook: “*Update: This sidewalk no longer exists. * Since January, I have the impression that I am disturbing the work. I have six businesses established in the same neighborhood in Montreal (in addition to a house a bit to the east), and someone, somewhere, CLEARLY, considers me not worth the shit. #ThanksMyVille". As he mentioned to Paul Arcand, the endless work at the corner of Beaubien and Saint-Laurent is causing the closures of businesses in the neighborhood. After completing the work on the street, the sidewalks are now impassable. He deplores the lack of communication, that everything is managed randomly and he wonders how we can help businesses.

To listen tomeeting this morning with Paul Arcand:

Martin takes the trouble to respond to every comment he receives: