Funny montages where all the animals have a cat face

Russian artist Galina Bugaevskaya creates superb montages where she showcases her passion for cats. Its concept 𝗞𝗼𝘁𝘆 V𝗲𝘇𝗱𝗲 (cats are everywhere) is quite a bit of fun: she changes the faces of different animals to replace them with cat faces. The result is really successful, and cat lovers are sure to love it. His Instagram page is hugely successful with more than 85 subscribers waiting for his next creations. Moreover, Cats even offers a personalized service where she does a montage with your cat's face for a hefty $ 5. You just need to contact her on her IG account to make the request. Do you want more? She also has the Instagram account What the mix? where she creates combinations of two animals that have no connection with each other.

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