Poutine lovers will be seduced by this dream promotion from Benny & Co restaurants.

The biggest poutine fans in Quebec will be thrilled by this dream restaurant promotion Benny & Co. From June 22 to July 5, 2020, you can change your meal accompaniment for a poutine for free. Just use the promo code: PELLEPPOUTINE the next time you order online. I find the idea so excellent, that I even wrote a little poem to encourage you to bring you a side of poutine at your place:

Well ok, I don't think I will win a contest with my poem, but I'm not nearly salivating!

To order it's really simple, you go to and you go to the section Order online. In a few clicks, you can choose your meal (chicken breast, ribs, sandwiches, chicken wings ...) and use the promo code: PELLEPPOUTINE.

When you receive your dish, you have to assemble your own poutine from home Benny & Co. It's a fantastic concept because your fries stay crispy, your cheese is firm and you decide how much sauce you want. It's satisfying to put the three ingredients together.

Benny & Co. a great company from here

Do you want another argument for ordering yourself a side of poutine? The company Benny & Co. is a Quebec flagship that is still 100% owned by the Benny family since 1960. More than 70% of the products on their menu come from Quebec. It is undoubtedly the best restaurant to celebrate the National Day of Quebec with one of their dishes.


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