A petition with many names circulating for the dismissal of Richard Latendresse

You are surely aware of the whole saga surrounding Richard Latendresse. If you have not seen the video and its explanations, I invite you to consult our article on the subject. Here is a person who decided to petition to demand that the correspondent of TVA Nouvelles in Washington Richard Latendresse be fired. To date, more than 3600 people have signed up for immediate dismissal!

You can read on the site:

«What ambiguity is there? Isn't a journalist supposed to be neutral and just report the facts? Richard Latendresse made a racist and ignorant remark so nonchalantly live.

TVA Nouvelles allows its journalists to use pejorative and racist terms when addressing Quebeckers. This is completely unacceptable.

No mention of these racist remarks has been made by TVA Nouvelles since. No excuse. No layoffs. We are in 2020, not 1930. You owe it to yourself to condemn such behavior.

We ask for the dismissal of Richard Latendresse.»

The extract in question:

Richard's explanations: