Marie-Chantal Toupin makes a cry from the heart for the artists on her Facebook page

Marie-Chantal Toupin made a publication on her Facebook page where she wonders about help for artists / culture during the pandemic. In a cry from the heart, the singer asks for government help for all artists. We can read: "Why can we fill a plane if we have a mask but we are not allowed to fill a masked theater or cinema? How do you kill artists in the long run? how do we survive? Has the Government forgotten us? Where are the 500 Billion for the promised Artisans? Guy Laliberté still received 17 Million for these employers who put in a Tax Paradise (without tax)! AND WE ARTISTS WITHOUT REVENUE HAVE DONE HOW?". She also put an image that circulates a lot on Twitter where you can see people on a plane legally and a movie theater that is closed by obligation.

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