Granny asks LCN a very good question

At LCN, there is always plenty of room for viewer questions. A 56-year-old grandma had a good question for the columnists. She asks: "JI am a 56 year old grandma, primary school secretary. What I don't understand is that I am not allowed to see my grandchildren, but it will be ok if I work for 600 other children. ".

One person who shared this excerpt writes: "Okay, I'm really mixed up !! The containment regulations say, we must not be go see our family, not change regions as much as possible, be with people who live at the same address (proof supports otherwise $ 1500 fine) None Family reunion is authorized under pain of a fine, all denouncements on public health regulations impose is encouraged by the government, and so on. I am a 47-year-old grandma who lives in St-Romain, I have a grandson who lives in Sherbrooke! According to the LCN expert, I could see it, since I am not 70 years old and + *** I CAN SEE IT YES OR NO…. *. ????»

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