Lucie Laurier makes a video to say that she is fine and that she takes charge of her approach

Since the announcement of her break with her agency that represented her, it has been a few days that Lucie Laurier hadn't published anything on the web. We know that Lucie is very active on Twitter every day by posting content that supports her opinions. I imagine she received a lot of messages to find out how she was. Yesterday, the actress decided to make a video to reassure everyone by telling us that everything is going very well for her. We can read in the Youtube description: "I hope you are doing well and that you have had the chance to enjoy this beautiful sun of April 25, 2020. I am doing very well too, as well as my relatives. I feel upright in my boots and know very well why I took this step. Take care of yourself, Sincerely, Lucie Laurier».

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