Anaïs Favron denounces that Lafontaine Park was packed today

Very worrying situation denounced by the host Anaïs Favron this afternoon on Twitter. She made a publication to tell us that Lafontaine Park in Montreal was packed today. Here is her impactful message that she wrote: "The gang will not get away! Lafontaine Park is packed, people are stuck, and me like an idiot I stay at home hoping that it does not last long! I understand why montreal has so many cases, there are too many idiots!»

An Internet user put Valérie Plante in the conversation to advise her of the situation: "You should put @Val_Plante copy! We are elsewhere there! It's over the little messages of prevention it's just repressions that they unfortunately understand ...". The facilitator Joanie Duquette also observed the same thing as Anaïs: “I am next to Parc Lafontaine. Crowded today with people in groups, glued. 70+ a ton, worse youth gangs. Serious. I am disappointed. Angry. YOU MANAGE THE GANG!»

She continues by responding to Internet users

Actress Salomé Corbo also had a say

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