Vincent Guzzo today returned to his statement which had made quite a saga

At the end of the week, Vincent guzzo made quite a saga by telling the Journal de Montréal this: " We have the right to get drunk because the SAQ is open, we have the right to freeze because the pot stores are open, but we are not allowed to go see a film. ". The businessman, who is not at his first remarks which sow controversy, reacted to the announcement of the government of François Legault which demanded the closure of places of gatherings (bars, libraries, museums ... and cinemas) .

We could even see this image which was shared a lot on Facebook:

In an interview with QUB Radio today, Cinemas President Guzzo wanted to correct the situation. He claimed to have been "a little taken out of context " to then say: "The truth of the matter is what do we do with minors? What do we do with 14 year olds? What do we do with the nine year olds? When they too have anxiety, they too have to do something, whether it is in a cinema or on a ski slope… And I can understand the whole problem of the pandemic, I do not deny that. That's why, notwithstanding the fact that I was taken against the grain and I did not appreciate that we announce that we are closing the cinemas, the first thing I did, three hours later , after all the screenings were over, the cinemas were closed. ”. You can hear the full segment here:

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