She just realized after two years that she was watering ... an artificial plant

Caelie Wilkes just realized after two years that she was watering… drumbeat… an artificial plant. Yes yes, you read that correctly, the young woman thought she had a green thumb, but in fact she was taking care of a plastic plant. It is with humor that the young Australian told all this wise on Facebook.

La publication in public mode is a huge success, over 9 likes and 500 comments. Caelie shares several of the articles on her story.


«I have had this pretty succulent plant for two years now. I was so proud of her. With her beautiful bright colors, she was just perfect. I kept it on the kitchen window sill. I had a watering schedule just for her and if anyone dared to want to give her water I would get aggressive because I thought I was the only one maintaining it properly. I loved her madly, my succulent plant.».

«Today, when I decided to transplant her into the perfect little flowerpot I found for her, I discovered that she was WRONG. I gave it two years of love, I carefully cleaned its leaves. I did my best to keep her looking good and now I realize she is just plastic. How could I not realize it? When I took it out of its pot to replant it, I saw that it was resting on polystyrene covered with a layer of sand and glue. I feel like the past two years have been a lie»

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