Bianca Longpré sends Mike Ward solidly walking

Bianca Longpré, alias Mother Ordinary, has no tongue in her pocket. Behind the scenes of the excellent show Two golden men, she emptied herself of the bag while talking about Mike Ward. He is asked at the beginning of the video the question: "You like mom, if a comedian like Mike Ward made a sensitive joke on your child, how would you have reacted?". There, she had plenty to say, dealing in particular with Mike Ward as a weakling. She then adds: "Worse about Mike specifically, is that… he didn't feel… he's a weakling. That is to say that on a stage, with his gang, he will do that. But he will never come to speak for example to Deux hommes en or or Everyone talks about it, or to go into a debate with people who do not think like him. Faque… he's a weakling, he does that with his gang!". There's a lot going on between our stars these days, it looks like there are little battles everywhere!

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