Benoit Dutrizac picks up Maripier Morin and he does not put on white gloves

During his morning show, Benoit Dutrizac picked up Maripier Morin following the publication in the Journal de Montréal of the article entitled "Maripier Morin confides in her obsession with the perfect body" I was no longer able to love myself ". We can read that Maripier Morin felt "bloated" and "yucky" during a photo shoot. On QUB Radio, Dutrizac did not mince words to highlight how this text sends a bad message to young women.

Here is a transcript of Benoit Dutrizac's comments:

« To say I'm yucky because you're bloated, because you're a little too heavy. What is the message you send to teenage girls? It's so clumsy, it's so clumsy. She spends her time getting in shape, Maripier. She spends her time training. Her body image, obviously, is an obsession. But there are girls, there are women who don't have time to train. There are women who are overweight. And when a woman like Maripier Morin says "I feel yucky", what's the message she sends to women who don't have time to train, who have a real life, who have children? »

« How can you say things like that? I know that Maripier Morin is the new star of TVA. I know that I am in Québécor. I know what I'm doing. But that, for the common good, for public information, for the women and girls who will read the article, it is hurtful. It's insulting. And Maripier has time to train, the majority of women don't. So a little delicacy. A little out of his star's navel who thinks that "My God, I took five pounds my career is over. Well no, you have other talents than your waistline. It is a model for young women, Maripier Morin. She has to come out and fix it. »

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