The famous video The most epic sentences 2019 edition is online

"Ok gang this is where it goes", this is the time of year that the top 10 most epic phrases are online! This time, Gabriel Joncas invited Rosalie Bonenfant as co-host of this excellent edition. The two make a perfect duo, comedic and as original as the Pitbull dog breed with Jack Daniel's. I really love this edition of the top most epic phrases, there are so many Quebec videos in it, I can't believe it. We have to admit that we do some damn good content on the web all over our province. The Black Label force 10, the guy who stings another live, PO Beaudoin…

We also learn that next year will be the last edition of this tradition. Are we starting a petition for Gab Joncas to continue making the most epic phrases for another 10 years? That would be cool!