23 photos of historic places that will change your perception of them

Here are 23 known / historic places in their environment / context where they are located. Over the years, cities have been built around these monuments. Quite impressive to see the big picture it gives another perspective when I go to see each of these beautiful places. (via Distractify)

Pyramid of Cheops (or Great Pyramid of Giza)

Wonder-of-the-world-01 Wonder-of-the-world-02

Acropolis of Athens

Wonder-of-the-world-03 Wonder-of-the-world-04

Arc de Triomphe

Wonder-of-the-world-05 Wonder-of-the-world-06

Mona Lisa (Portrait of Mona Lisa)

Wonder-of-the-world-07 Wonder-of-the-world-08


Wonder-of-the-world-09 Wonder-of-the-world-10

La Kaaba

Wonder-of-the-world-11 Wonder-of-the-world-12

Central Park

Wonder-of-the-world-13 Wonder-of-the-world-14

Le Pantheon

Wonder-of-the-world-15 Wonder-of-the-world-16

La Forbidden City

Wonder-of-the-world-17 Wonder-of-the-world-18

The Niagara Falls

Wonder-of-the-world-19 Wonder-of-the-world-20

Le Taj Mahal

Wonder-of-the-world-21 Wonder-of-the-world-22

La Brandenburg Gate

Wonder-of-the-world-23 Wonder-of-the-world-24

The national memorial of Mount Rushmore

Wonder-of-the-world-25 Wonder-of-the-world-26

The Mont Saint Michel

Wonder-of-the-world-27 Wonder-of-the-world-28

Le hollywood sign

Wonder-of-the-world-29 Wonder-of-the-world-30

La Holy Family

Wonder-of-the-world-31 Wonder-of-the-world-32


Wonder-of-the-world-33 Wonder-of-the-world-34

Le Gibraltar rock

Wonder-of-the-world-35 Wonder-of-the-world-36

The Little Mermaid (statue)

Wonder-of-the-world-37 Wonder-of-the-world-38

The alamo ort

Wonder-of-the-world-39 Wonder-of-the-world-40

Las Vegas Strip

Wonder-of-the-world-41 Wonder-of-the-world-42

White House

Wonder-of-the-world-43 Wonder-of-the-world-44