Are you organizing a big party at home? Here are some ideas to make it epic!

Are you having a big party soon at your place and you want it to be epic? Do you want your guests to remember this party for a long time? Here are a few things that will blow your mind and are very easy to do! You will give us news!

Cotton candy, Perrier and champagne and you get this magical drink.


To make beautiful ice cubes, boil your water before freezing it.

party ice

Frozen water balloons to keep your favorite drinks cold.


Here's what it looks like when you put a glow stick inside your balloons before inflating them.


Slate paint applied to a cheese board in order to identify them.

party cheese

An efficient way to serve ice cream without wasting a single bite.

party slice

A tip for knowing the quantities of alcohol to serve.

party cup

Fruits and vegetables can make excellent receptacles.

Screenshot 2015-07-27 to 17.26.57party peppers

Do you want to make your popcorn magical?


No one will be able to say no to your vodka and popsicles Gummy Bears.


And if you ever want to prepare yourself in advance for Halloween….