You will never believe that there are villages and rivers in Quebec that are so called

We often find pearls on the page Reddit Quebec, I really love this community! Today the user mageakeem wanted to know the names of the most unusual Quebec villages. Several members had fun posting responses and it's hilarious! I put my 13 favorites that were mentioned, and seriously Quebec surprises me with names of villages / rivers of this kind. For each village / river, I put a screenshot of Google Map to make sure they exist.


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Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

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Graines River

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First and second fast Nigger-Eddy

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Les Méchins (just because the inhabitants call themselves the Méchinois)

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The Moisie city (as well as the Moisie River)

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The Blouse

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Empty pocket

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The hole

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The Guadeloupe

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