A store offers 20% off your purchases if you eat an extremely hot chip

The shop Retro Pro makes a whole offer to its customers who come to buy products (games, consoles, figurines…) at their store. If you manage to eat a single chip, I mean a single chip, without drinking water or milk, you automatically have 20% off your purchases. The promotion seems to be quite successful, because every time a customer accepts the challenge, they post the challenge video on their page. It is now up to 19 people who have tried this challenge.

If we were talking about this famous chip which seems to be the hottest in the world. The Paqui Carolina brand produces the One Chip Challenge. The chip comes in a box shaped like a coffin and it is considered quite a challenge on the web. We can read that it is the hottest chip in the world!

If you want to try this chip you can order it here.

You can see the other videos of the challenges here.