He gets Eugenie Bouchard's face tattooed on his forearm

Eugenie Bouchard has just posted a photo and videos of one of her biggest fans. A certain Michaël met Eugenie in Lausanne in Switzerland to show his tattoo of her there.

The tenniswoman can be seen on her forearm with the flag of Canada. The man, who looks trippy on Slipknot, says his tattoo motivates him in his daily life.

Eugenie greatly appreciated this tattoo, even though she finds that part of her hair is missing. You can see her very happy in the videos (you have to use the little arrows to fall on her). (via Behind the scenes)

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This is insane. How did I get to a point to deserve such a dedicated fan that they would get a tattoo of me on their body? If you told 8 year old me playing my first tournament that I would one day affect someone so much that they would permanently alter their body in my honor… I would not have believed it. And to have the chance to meet him in person! Michael told me I inspire him to do many things, like to go to work everyday, or sometimes even just to get up in the morning. Hearing this makes my heart the happiest it could ever be. Part of me also thinks you're completely psycho Michael 🤣🤣🤣 I hope you don't regret this! And now you are forced to be a fan for life lmao

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