"Ok gang"! Here is the best celebration of New Year's Day in Quebec

"Ok gang!" I officially think you missed your New Years party. If you don't agree with me after watching this video, you must have a memorable party. I present here the friendly Daniel, Kevin and Tommy who decided to celebrate 2019 on a balcony with champagne. As this video is going viral and it is a big treat for the eyes, I decided to comment on it.





0:05 - Daniel, we were ready, but you are not checking the right camera… Kev, can you say please?
0:11 - Crime, the brew will explode everywhere if I trust the intensity of your cry (tidal wave alert barnak)
0:16 - Ok the camera bounce, I feel like I'm in the party (on the balcony) with them yeah
0:20 - Ok gang we blow the year, my Dan, you can blow me the year
0:26 - We can't do a song "Ok gang!", It seems to me it's starting to become an anthem that
0:35 - This is where it happens !!!
0:43 - Well there my Dan, I thought it was going to blow the plug ... it does not panic my ti-chum
0:50 - He knows it bouâreee and check the right camera, you see that there is experience
0:54 - The ti- "haha" a jewel

Well next year, I don't know, but I think I'm doing well like you. Champagne, balcony, t-shirts and ti "haha"!