The worst photos to sell this house located in Montreal-North

This house located in Montreal is currently for sale for the sum of $ 269. Looking at the first photo I said to myself “yeah not sexy sexy” and I find the horses and the bench with the angels doubtful. Not enough to write an article on Petit Petit Gamin to date, but when you get in the house seeing the pictures of the announcement of Centris I was flipping. Why didn't they clean up before taking the pictures? Reading the description, we better understand the situation: “Mr.rented house requiring major renovations; can also be purchased for the land; possibility of agreement for the departure of the tenant; need 48 to 72 hours for site visits depending on tenant availability or visit on accepted offer.". If I understand correctly, you buy the house and you get stuck with a tenant who does not clean! (Thanks to Amélie for the little suggestion)