A Marie-Chantal Toupin show in the South for $ 1125

Have you had a hard time on the ti-cuir clip in the South? Well yes there, the clip Mist from your mouth where our rocker rolls in the sand under the rays of the sun in his beautiful white shirt. You are looking for new thrills and to spice up your life a little. Now we have to talk to each other because I just learned a whole deal, my friend. Marie-Chantal Toupin, after her concert in a St-Hubert from Sorel-Tracy, is organizing a private show in the Dominican Republic. For $ 1125 per person you will have the right to a direct flight, 7 nights at an all-inclusive hotel and above all a Marie-Chantal Toupin show. It is certain that it will happen and it will turn up solid. Basically, you can book your time off at work from October 2 to 9 or else you can just quit your job if your boss doesn't give you your time off, it just happens once in a life this thing. All the info here.