7 items to buy (or not) from Celine Dion on the web

No one remains indifferent in Quebec when it comes to Celine Dion. I decided to do some research on the web to present you different objects bearing the likeness of Celine so that you could show your love for this great singer. I hope you're ready to take out your credit card, because if you want to pimp your place with Celine you're going to be served.

Celine's acne glass of wine / $ 57 here

Céline accompanying you to pray / $ 17 here

Celine the great Death Metal singer's t-shirt / $ 23 here

A unique Celine Dion canvas that all looks like Celine (or that you must have a lot of imagination) / The price on the other hand is quite real $ 495 here

Let's stay in the arts, here is a drawing of Celine (who looks like she has drunk a little too much wine in her glasses where she has acne) and I quote the description "Fan singer hand drawn Photoshop" ??? / $ 17 here

Crazy Céline sweater that scares me. Not to put on to sleep otherwise guaranteed nightmare / $ 32 here

Stamps from Russia where our Celine is a "Russian Local" / $ 5 here (you also have Céline in Ivory Coast if you prefer here)