Top 5 little-known occupations of the future that will need manpower

I don't know if you know about it, but soon in Quebec, several people will be retiring. It is argued that by 2028, more than 1 positions will have to be filled in Quebec. It's huge, and it creates a scarcity of manpower for companies. With the collaboration of several partners, the Government of Quebec has drawn up a list of 54 trades and professions which have been identified as the jobs of the future in our province. It is certain that there is a place for you.

By consulting this list, I noticed several trades that I knew and that I find interesting. This is the right time to become a veterinarian, psychologist, pharmacist, dentist… but I would like to present you 5 little-known professions which are in this list and which seem to be fascinating.

Computer systems assessors

Before releasing a video game, software or even an application, companies have their new product tested by specialists. A computer systems assessor is the person who analyzes performance and tries software before anyone else. The goal is to properly document the results of its analyzes so that everything works perfectly.

If you love to play video games or use multiple applications, or if you know every facet of software when you use it, this is the job for you. It's fun to play a game without any bugs or to use an application where everything is simple, and it will be thanks to you!

You have to be a "Methodical" person to be a computer systems assessor, in other words, someone in your business. I would say that to get this job, you have to be Cartesian, rigorous and have good judgment.

To find out more about the salary and the training necessary to exercise this job, you can consult the file:

Aerospace Engineers

The aerospace engineer participates in the design, testing and maintenance of spacecraft and airplanes. They do research and work on the design of aerospace vehicles and systems. The list of tasks is diversified: doing tests, evaluations, installations, maintenance ... You can work for aircraft and spacecraft manufacturers, air carriers, the public service, and research and educational institutions.

You like to create and learn how things are done. You want to work in an interesting field and push the limits of technology. For a person who wants to develop and change things, it is an interesting and important job.

You must have the “Innovator” profile to become an aerospace engineer. If you like to find solutions to problems and always have good ideas in mind, this is a job for you.

To find out more about the salary and the training necessary to exercise this job, you can consult the file:

Heavy equipment mechanics

Everyone knows auto mechanics, but did you know that there are also mechanics specializing in heavy machinery? Indeed, there are mechanics who repair and maintain cranes, graders, power shovels and other types of heavy equipment. They are responsible for determining the nature of faults, repairing, testing and cleaning machinery that is used for construction, transportation, logging, farming and more.

If you like to take things apart to understand and correct a problem, you might enjoy this job. You are going to be an important person in a company, because people will rely on your skills to get heavy equipment back into operation.

You have to be someone "Objective" to be a heavy equipment mechanic. If you love working with your hands and using equipment or tools and you love to understand how it works and fix things, this is the place for you.

To find out more about the salary and the training necessary to exercise this job, you can consult the file:

Paralegals and related personnel

If you like everything that surrounds the field of law, now is the time to immerse yourself in this environment. A paralegal plays a crucial role with lawyers. Your role will be to advise on cases, meet with clients, do research, prepare legal documents and gather evidence. You will help lawyers on several levels.

If you love to do research and have good judgment, this is the place for you. You will have new challenges every day and you will get to the bottom of things. You will be surrounded by competent people who will trust you to advance the causes.

This domain requires people with a "Social" profile. To be a good paralegal you need to be curious, rigorous in your research and be able to adapt to each case.

To find out more about the salary and the training necessary to exercise this job, you can consult the file:

Supervisors, Rubber and Plastic Products Manufacturing

Rubber and plastic products are everywhere in our lives. They can be found in our wardrobe, in our office, in our kitchen… A production supervisor supervises and coordinates the work of the workers who operate the processing machines. His duties include meeting deadlines, solving problems, training workers, writing reports and supervising workers.

If you like communicating with others and managing a department with workers, being a rubber and plastic products manufacturing supervisor is for you. In this job, you will have to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that things run smoothly.

Do you have the “Directive” profile, in other words, are you a person who enjoys being a leader? If so, being a Manufacturing Supervisor is a great option for you.

To find out more about the salary and the training necessary to exercise this job, you can consult the file:

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This article was produced in collaboration with the Government of Quebec. All opinions expressed are my own.