Rapper Sans Pressure suffered a major accident

The rapper Sans Pressure suffered a major accident recently. In his magazine dating from yesterday, the artist has put a photo of him in the hospital where he can be seen in a sad state. We could read in this publication “And if you don't know now you know nigga !!! I don't wish that on my worst enemy HELL PAIN". Several Internet users asked SP to explain the situation, but it was a certain Réjeanne Pagé who gave more information "In short, SP was cooking his children with a cauldron full of oil and it caught fire. The rapper then took the cookware and put it on the ground to put out the fire. However, not everything turned out the way SP intended. While attempting to kill the fire with a towel, the oil exploded on his foot, thigh, stomach, arm and chest, causing quite severe burns. Ti-Kid however wanted to reassure us: the worst is already over and SP is doing well. He is in very good hands. He is waiting for another intervention. He will simply have to go through several rehabilitation and physio processes. We are talking about a few months of convalescence.»

Sans Pression thanked its fans in the comments "Thank you for the support I have for 2-3 months not out of the woods lol c intense this shit I think c the top pain of my life so far but your messages really help me thank you the gang i love yall !!! As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say "I'll Be Back". I wish him a speedy recovery and all the best for him.