Jobboom kindly teases the workers who made the asphalt incident on René-Lévesque

You have certainly heard of the famous photo where workers bypassed a car by laying a layer of asphalt. They should have towed the car and done the job properly on René-Lévesque Street in Montreal. If you do not know this little story, I invite you to visit the site of Press to let you know.

The site to find a job Jobboom had a great flash surrounding this news. By putting some text on the photo, the company that offers jobs online decided to tease workers who did not apply themselves to do their jobs well. Writing on the photo: "It shows when you don't like your job anymore." and putting their logo. It's very strong, we can say that the one who takes care of the web at Jobboom loves his job! (via Night Life)

Original photo:

Jobboom Photo: