It's impossible not to laugh when you see this Radio-Canada report

I don't know if you subscribed to the page ofInfoman, but it's frankly one of my great entertainment on the web. Jean-René Dufort's team has just posted a report online that will certainly make you laugh if you are a little baby lala. I don't know how I could better present this report than to quote their publication: “Sometimes we are 5 years of mental age in the office. Not 5 years each, 5 years in total. We laugh at business nouns and we don't hesitate to add more in turn. At Infoman, we do a lot with little at all times. Nine times out of ten, there is nothing to share our silliness with the whole Earth. You'd think we're really thick (and you wouldn't be wrong). But other times, the magic of television gives us something so cooked in the mouth that we can not help but put you in the scent. Like someone crashing face first or guessing Donald Trump, fart jokes are always funny. There is currently a gas leak in Ottawa and journalists and onlookers no longer even need us to play on questionable words.»