Popular Quebec songs in acoustic version

In order to pay tribute to the artists nominated for the next JUNO Awards Gala in the category Francophone Album of the Year, my friends from the Flip show decided to produce a video featuring the excellent Soran Dussaigne, the top Céleste Lévis and bro Philippe Lacroix. It's a mashup of songs by Karim Ouellet, Koriass, Fred Fortin, Laurence Nerbonne and Yann Perreau. It's frankly good and it's fun to hear these songs with a new color. It's great work!

Karim Ouellet - There is no point in running
Karim Ouellet - Karim and the Wolf
Koriass - Higher
Koriass - Blacklights
Fred Fortin - Moisi Moé'ssi
Fred Fortin - Ultramarr
Laurence Nerbonne - If your heart beats
Laurence Nerbonne - Montreal XO
Yann Perreau - I love birds
Yann Perreau - Don't be fooled by appearances