Here is the entire collection of Éric Lapointe jewelry

Eric Lapointe et Caroline Néron have collaborated together in order to release a collection of jewelry with the Ti-Leather flavor. A dozen items are found in a series which includes many skulls, roses, crosses, snakes and lilies. No choice to say that this collection is really to the flavor of our Quebec rocker The prices vary from $ 35 to $ 245 for necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings… With your ti-leather ring on your motorcycle or your earrings in a karaoke, you will cause a sensation! (via our friends from Your barber)


Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-01 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-02 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-03 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-04 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-05 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-06 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-07 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-08 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-09 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-10 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-11 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-12 Bijou-eric-lapointe-caroline-neron-13