Safia Nolin has a new favorite t-shirt but gets insulted again

Singer Safia Nolin was on the program Salut Bonjour this morning. She was on the popular show to do an interview as well as a performance, you can watch the 16 minute segment by following this link. Good flash from Gino and his team, they gave the singer a new sweater. After the Gerry Boulet sweater, Safia now has the Salut Bonjour t-shirt. The singer put a photo on Facebook of her new favorite sweater with this comment: "thanks to hi hello i will wear it every day of life thanks to those who took the time to write to me for something other than telling me to wash my goddamn hair. ”. By reading her post, we can understand that she still received several bad comments about her hair… well see, the world has a lot of time to waste by attacking this top lady!