A Quebec rap song covering the train tracks

My friend Massi Mahiou aka DJ MM Mixer Master YOYO Train Respecter (the funniest rapper name on the planet) has just uploaded a music video where he sings to us not to approach the tracks. It was with pleasure that I accepted the invitation to participate in his music video to dance and sing with him. During the shoot, everyone was watching us, but Massi really made a splash with the scene from his famous backflip (at 0:25). The biggest challenge during the shooting was not to laugh, I find the chorus so funny that I had all the hard time staying in bad boy mode while singing: "Train rails are not made for you to eat your sandwich". I have no choice but to give the song's outro a lot of love. I love that MC Train Respecter says he likes it when he says "yo", it's true that his "yo" is quite real! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our friends at AMT for helping us to carry out this project.

I must say that I am quite proud of Massi to have made a song like this. It's true that it's silly to play games on the train tracks (yes, yes there are people who do that !!) or even to spend your time near the railway tracks just for "fun" . Seriously, I have seen so many people crossing or sitting on the tracks that I become stressed for them. I don't really understand the concept of getting closer to the tracks, as Massi says: "By simple assumption, a train can hurt". I was talking about it with Massi when we were shooting the clip, you can get a ticket if you break into a railway area…. seems to me that it is rather pocket-sized to be obliged to spend money because one has committed an act dangerous for oneself.

This article was produced in collaboration with AMT. All opinions expressed are my own.