Jacques L'Heureux no longer wants anyone to talk to him about Passe-Montagne

The friendly Jacques L'Heureux has just experienced a somewhat embarrassing radio moment. The facilitator Annie-claude luneau de HERE Abitibi-Témiscamingue put him in the wire by saying that he affirms out of waves to be fed up that one speaks to him about Passe-Montagne. We feel a lot of unease in the laughter of the actor. Annie-Claude says she doesn't want to broach the subject, but she takes the opportunity to stretch the subject a little longer. I understand Jacques being fed up and I understand that he doesn't want to break the magic of his fans by not saying it publicly. I imagine that Jacques before the interview simply mentioned to the Radio-Canada team that he did not want to broach the subject of Passe-Montagne and that was turned against him once on the air.