Bob le chef welcomes graduates of the National School of Humor

As part of the social media course that I teach at the National School of Humor, students must participate in several initiatives on the web. This morning, the 2016-2017 cuvée participates in the program on the web of Bob the Chef. The show starts at 10 a.m. and ends in the afternoon. The comedians will have to cook dishes with only 3 ingredients, it should be quite funny and fun. I take this opportunity to thank Bob the Chef and his team for having accepted the idea of ​​receiving 21 people as well as having made a special Bob the Chef LIVE. You will see, my students are quite talented!

The comedians present:
Antoine DurocherBrian mentisBrian PitonCoralie LaPerrièreDaphne LetourneauDavid michaelDhanaé A. BeaulieuDominique de MaupeouGarihanna Jean-LouisGuillaume GueretteGuy A. St CyrLea StréliskiMadeleine Pilot CôtéMarc-Antoine LévesqueMathieu DufourOctave Savoie-LortiePierre-Yves Roy-DesmaraisRebecca Potvin-GravelSam BoisvertSebastien Dequoy et Sophie Gemme.