The worst tattoos in Quebec in photos

The competition for the ugliest tattoo in all of Quebec is causing quite a stir. After Radio-Canada's Médium Large program recommended the evening (yes yes), I spent a interview at CKOI with the top lady Caro Dubois. The page is full of not really hot tattoos, the event taking place Thursday (tomorrow) at the Nacho Libre bar in Montreal may be completely crazy. Anyone can register, just show their tattoo in front of the 4 judges from 22 p.m.

You can find out more on the event page:

tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-01 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-02 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-03 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-04 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-05 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-06 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-07 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-08 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-09 tattto-ugly-nacho-libre-10