Alexandre Champagne makes a request to the fans of Three times a day

I like a lot of workAlexandre champagne, I've been doing it for a long time and he always goes the extra mile in his achievements / creations. Yesterday he announced the release of volume 2 of Three times a day, it's pretty cool for his fans who have been waiting for this book for a long time. What's even more interesting is when he says: “You will surely go to a bookstore to get it. I therefore encourage you, if your means allow it, to combine your purchase with that of another Quebec book. A novel, a comic, the 2006 car guide (Lol). I ask you because the talent of the authors here is too important and magnificent not to take advantage of it. Be curious and dare to step out of your comfort zones, it's worth it.". Very cool of her, and it's a good concept suggested!

Here is the full post:

alex-1 alex2

If you also want to have "My heart will go on" in the coconut: