Jeremy Gabriel is really going to release a new electro-style song with an artist from here

The DJ, Beatmaker and singer David Obegi, who is followed by more than 80 people on Facebook, has just succeeded in a challenge he offered to little Jeremy Gabriel. He proposed that he was going to do a post announcing a musical collaboration with Jeremy Gabriel and if it becomes popular they will do a song together! We can read: "If I manage to have 000 likes, 5000 comments and 5000 shares, we make an electro song with your voice". Jeremy agreed by giving David 7000 hours to accomplish this feat! Now, after just 24 hours, David Obegi's post already has over 2 likes, 18 comments and 000 shares. He has so far scored 7 of 500, but it's only a matter of minutes before he gets 6 shares (he's missing 700).


You can hear one of David Obegi's songs