Coeur de Pirate has received homophobic messages since coming out!

In a recent interview with (Vogue, the singer Pirate's heart says he has received homophobic messages since coming out. Negative comments from Montreal but also from around the world. She points out that many people were not familiar with the term "queer". She also admits that several people were shocked that she was dating a transsexual woman. Since coming out Pirate's heart left the father of her daughter and is now in a relationship with the group's transexual singer Against Me !, Laura Jane Grace. Here are some excerpts from the interview that you can read in full here.




"It's fascinating. I thought Montreal… I thought it would never be a problem here in Canada. But the second it came out, it was worse. I have received homophobic comments from all over the world. People didn't understand, they didn't understand the word queer. They didn't understand why I was doing this. ”



“The most hateful comments I received were about being with a trans person. (…) I was told I was crazy, you know. That I was literally crazy. That I was a bad parent. ”



- Pirate's heart



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