Journal de Mourréal stops its activities

It's officially the end for the Journal de Mourréal. If you do not know all the wisdom surrounding this satirical site versus the Journal de Montreal, I invite you to consult this article. We could read this morning on the Facebook page of 108 Journal de Mourréal subscribers:


And yes, I concede the victory to the Quebecor empire before ending up completely nuts in a mental asylum! ;)

Tired of trying to fight a company worth $ 4 billion, even if the case was worth it, my legal fees are climbing faster than the fundraising money and pushing me to the inevitable: L 'ABANDON!

I will therefore stop using any logo, url, Facebook account, Twitter etc ... which could "sow confusion among ordinary people in a hurry" as the Quebecor lawyers and our friend Bernard Pageau, Director of legal advice so aptly say. at Quebecor.

I first want to underline the extraordinary support of the population towards our cause and reassure subscribers that this is not the end, but the beginning, like the phoenix rising from its ashes, and that the newspaper will come back under a new face and a new logo that will not confuse the minds of, once again, "ordinary people in a rush".

And finally I apologize a thousand times to all these “ordinary and rather rushed people” who accidentally drifted onto my newspaper and were possibly outraged, annoyed or bent over backwards when reading our satirical news.

I hope in this way to avoid the wrath and future lawsuits of the O Almighty Empire Quebecor and I hope that they will thus immediately cease all legal proceedings against me in good faith.


The administrator of the page also changed all the logos to put black images.

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