Bianca Gervais and Sébastien Diaz sell their house in Montreal

Bianca Gervais and Sébastien Diaz have just put their house up for sale. Located in the Rosemont district in Montreal, the house is located in front of a park and includes 3 bedrooms. Bianca wrote on Facebook: “A house conducive to happiness, in an optimal and sought after area. 3 bedrooms, a garage, a kid's yard… a few minutes from everything.". The residence is currently selling for the sum of $ 609, you can consult theannouncement if you are house-bianca-gervais-02 house-bianca-gervais-03 house-bianca-gervais-04 house-bianca-gervais-05 house-bianca-gervais-06 house-bianca-gervais-07 house-bianca-gervais-08 house-bianca-gervais-09 house-bianca-gervais-10 house-bianca-gervais-11 house-bianca-gervais-12 house-bianca-gervais-13 house-bianca-gervais-14 house-bianca-gervais-15 house-bianca-gervais-16 house-bianca-gervais-17 house-bianca-gervais-18 house-bianca-gervais-19 house-bianca-gervais-20 house-bianca-gervais-21