FEQ - You should never text during a Hedley concert otherwise….

After Disturbed singer Adèle and other artists, it is the turn of Hedley singer Jacob Hoggard to crack down on his fans. During the concert at the Quebec City Summer Festival on July 10, Jacob surprised a fan in the front row texting. So he took his cell phone and decided to give a call to one of the contacts named Francis. Unfortunately no response, an automated message of long distance charges is heard. The Hedley singer doesn't stop there, he searches the contacts and comes across a certain daddy … "Daddy? What's his name? "And the girl to answer" Michel ". So he calls the daddy and to everyone's delight, we answer at the other end of the line. Then follows the heart of Jacob's prank who mentions to the young lady's father that she is drunk, that she is fighting against the security guards and that finally he wants to marry her and have children with her. We hear the father a little lost at the end of the line “Is this a joke? ". A little Beyoncé accapella on Single Ladies with the crowd and he ends the call as well. We can say that the fans laughed a lot and that Papounet Michel will have explanations from his daughter at the end of the evening! Not every day you can have Jacob Hoggard on the phone! Ps: he would have done the same thing in previous concerts! So you know what to do if you want a special time for Hedley's next show! ;)