A Troll Page of Anti-Pitbulls Young Moms

It is not tomorrow that the subject of pitbulls will disappear from social networks. A debate between towns, locals, pit bull owners and a ton of rabid on edge vs. people saddened by decisions made for their dog. Insults have been raining down on social networks since the start of the seemingly endless debate (not to mention the sudden change in decision by Mayor Labeaume ... to be continued!) Some people take pleasure in it and have grown zealous by creating a FALSE page of young moms against pit bulls. Obviously we are going to excess in the expense of absurd montages and completely meaningless quotes. What is pleasant about this page is to see people pull their heads off for exaggerated comments. We can also call it, in a friendly way, a real stupid trap…. Shark vs Pitbull, who's the biggest killer? Watch out for the terrible aquatic pitbulls !! Great contest to win a stuffed pitbull! On the one hand, I am a little sad for these people and for certain remarks that go no further, but at the same time I laughed a lot. The perfect time to pull out your popcorn and watch the fight take place. Be careful, this page is made on purpose to poke your nerves! ;)