Your dream come true - From Cheetos to Kraft Dinner!

War is bad, but when it happens between 2 big fast food chains and it involves food… .hem… why not. Especially when each one tries to be more original than the other, it gives results that we, the customers, can benefit from! Oh yeah! First, the Tacos Bell chain had created the Doritos Locos Tacos, which was described as * Tacos Bell on the inside, Doritos on the outside. * It gives an idea! And now it's Burger King's turn to take the bold step, too, with a collaboration with well-known chips: The Cheetos. These famous crisps that leave us with orange fingers (like the Doritos, therefore) and a sodium rate which farts scores. The King was not lightly there and opted for an ULTRA MEGA CHEESE option! Kraft Dinner (or Mac N Cheese) fried in Cheetos crumbs to make… Cheetos stuffed with Mac N Cheese .. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Only some restaurants have the product in hand, but it is possible that it will be distributed throughout the chain soon. So here's the Mac N Cheetos from Burger King !!!





Mac N Cheese… ..mmmh!



The Doritos Locos Tacos from Tacos Bell