ErotikaLand: Amusement park for adults to open soon

In 2018, an amusement park for adults will open in Piracicaba, a 2-hour drive from São Paulo in Brazil. Having for name ErotikaLand, this park will have erotic sculptures, bumper cars in the shape of genitals, “7D” cinema with vibrating seats, nudist pool, “pleasure train” led by male and female dancers, sex museum… The founders of this project really want to bring their customers to 7th heaven. It should be noted that the sexual act will not be tolerated inside the amusement park, but the people in charge of ErotikaLand will be building many motels around.

Here are the first promotional images:

brazil-is-building-a-155-million-sex-themed-amusement-park-called-erotikalandsoftlove_com_br-2_2839904a erotica-land