Businessman François Lambert does not agree to increase the minimum wage to $ 15 / hour

Quebec businessman François Lambert has made a post on Facebook which is widely circulated. Over 3 likes and 000 shares for this Facebook status where he explains why he doesn't agree with increasing the minimum wage to $ 1 / hour. He speaks that the average salary of owners of SMEs in Quebec is $ 250. Here is his message:


$ 12.69 / hour is the average salary of 1/3 of SME owners.

It kills a myth that small business owners are running on gold! These people are our mechanics, our hairdressers, our convenience store owners, our neighborhood businesses, our farmers, etc.

These people, who are killing themselves, who take risks, who do not know if tomorrow will be better than today; these people, I tip my hat to them.

Forget the supposed expense allowances, big cars; these people reinvest every available dollar in order to improve their lot.

Among them, some have become entrepreneurs by necessity, not by choice!

The hair of these entrepreneurs stands on end when they hear that we want to increase the minimum wage to $ 15 / hour. Not that they are against virtue, not that they are not socialists, but they are pragmatic.

In the event that there is a social debate on this subject, it would be good to consult "these entrepreneurs"